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What Is A Food Processor Used For? – 7 Unique Ways For Your Use

Nowadays, most homemakers have a food processor for their kitchen! However, not every one of us knows how to optimize their abilities in the kitchen!

So, what is a food processor used for? Besides grinding meat or slicing vegetables, is there anything else you could do with this unit?

Have you imaged that you just need a food processor, you will be offered seven different food processing ways? Don’t you believe that? Let this article show how useful it is right now! 

What Is A Food Processor Used For?
Food processor

What Is A Food Processor Used For? 

Grinding Meat

Meat, unlike vegetables, has a much tougher texture that will make your cutting or mincing it challenging! But no worries, because with the food processor, all you have to do is put all the meat in and pulse, and the favorable output will come in a minute without any effort to make your cooking perfect!

What Is A Food Processor Used For?
Grinding meat by a food processor

Noticeably, to handle meat easily, food processors above 8 cups should be your top-selected choice due to their high efficiency! The smaller the processor is, the weaker its motor could work! 

As a result, dependable on your daily cooking tasks, you can choose a suitable food processor to help your grinding easier is extremely necessary! 

Slicing/Shredding/Chopping Vegetables, Fruit And Cheese

With this multifunctional unit, not only meat, but you can also handle vegetables, fruit, and cheese with ease in various ways! You will be able to slice, shred, and chop any ingredient in a few minutes just by pressing a button! 

What Is A Food Processor Used For?
Vegetables and Fruits Processing

Anyway, to use these extra functions, make sure that your machine is in proper condition and provided with required attachments to meet your every purpose! Take notice that only medium to large size units offering the disc set for mentioned tasks, while the mini ones, due to the lack of attachments, is unable to handle these requirements! 

Making Sauce and Dips

You must be surprised that besides preliminary processing, the food processor can also be used for making sauce and dips for tasty daily meals! These making needs chopping, dicing, and mincing, and with a food processor, everything will be handled without any trouble! 

Making Crumbs

You desire to make an Oreo milkshake for dessert? Let this food processor help you again! With the S blade, this tool is much better than other appliances in crushing crunchy food into crumbs! Consequently, if you have any intention to make crumbs from dried breads, cookies, or crackers, what could be more suitable than using a food processor? 

Making Salads and Dressings

Stepping into the 21st century, when people have great demands for fitness and a healthy diet, salad has become one of the most indispensable parts of every daily meal! If you are one of them, and you want to save time and effort to make this dish daily, why don’t we use the food processor right now? 

Use the discs attaching with your tool to cut down the vegetables and fruits into small slices! Within a few seconds, the results coming out will surely exceed your expectations! 

You won’t even need to use a knife or cutting board in some cases; therefore, you will be able to save very much time and effort to make your salads for sure! 

Similar to salads, dressings are even much easier to make with the food processor! Using the S blade and put everything in, and press the button, and the best dressing in the world will be created to make your meals perfect! 

Making Nut Butter

Nut butter with bread for a fascinating breakfast, why not? With a food processor, making nut butter at home without effort turns to be simpler than ever! 

Only need to put the roasted peanuts in the machine, and pulse until they become totally smooth, then your nut butter is ready for your breakfast! Just come and enjoy! 

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